22 Years Old
St. Louis, MO, US
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Hey this ya gurl Nicole but everyone calls me NeeNee. My b-day is September 19.I'm reppin the STL. I love basketball,softball,jumping double dutch,and hanging out with friends. I love talking on the phone too. But I never ever slack off in school straight A's baby! But don't think I'm all work and no play cause thst's not true. I have fun when I'm not doin home work. I think school is O.K but not all that but I have to go.
I won't slack off in school cause I don't like it very much I got collage to think about.I'm not a punk either. Don't step then don't get knocked out. Can't stand peeps that try 2 hate on us pretty girls but when u say somethin about them they don't say nothin.



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