Journal Entry: so d**n excited! by lildivagurl

Sep 30, 2006 1:56:02 AM
wooooo!! well dat song iz actually called "so excited"-janet jackson feat.khia!! iono who da hell dat iz but uh i'mma find out!! oooo dat iz ma song fa sho!! er tyme i sing dat song n ma head i think of meh n bunit77!! aaaaaaahhhhh!!! wooooo!! don't hurt meh,look sexy,talk dirty....uh i fogot da rest but anyway dat song iz off da chain if ya'll ain't hear it yet den ya should i'm tellin u janet iz makin a c*m baq ya'll betta watch out fa ha!!! she c*mmin!! ha ha ha!! lol!! dat song jus is sooooooo oooo!! dat'z da best song if heard in yearz! jus playin!! but dat song iz killin fa real!! dat song make meh feel soooo d**n excited n so d**n sexy!!! lol!

yea yea!


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