24 Years Old
Jonesboro, GA, US
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www.myspace.com/gbabycarter I'm just a dude that love's 2 get crunk and have Fun, I love hip hop, I write my own raps, I rap alot, I love to talk about hip hop nonstop, I am looking for a good number of friends that I can get crunk wit and talk to about stuff that's going. All I am looking 4 n life is Infamous fame in a good way. A girl thats gonna be down 4 me no matter what, And to live my life how I wanna and live by my own rules Feelin Me.
I'm also a Senior!
My real name is George (G-baby) Carter Jr.
Also u can hit me up at www.myspace.com/gbabydagreat.or
I'm A man

A man makes love to a women and still loves her,
A dog just wanna f%(k and it up out his buisness.
A man will always think and knows what's best 4 him and his girl,
A dog would would just think about what he can do for his d**n self.
A man would talk right to a womman to get wit her,
A dog would just talk pimpish to her like he runnung game on her.
Every man wants a real women that's gone be there and stand by his side.
Every dog wants a h*e to F*7k evey night, and every chance he get.
A man would not only look at a womman's body, but also her mind, and soul.
A dog would just want to look at a wommann's body to see if he want's to get wit her.
A man will take the time to get 2 know his girl before he gets off serious.
A dog will take no time to get to know his girl because she is nothing to him.
A man would be there for his girl, when she needs him and for those times he feel is best to step in to do his man duties and put that cape on, and put that s on his chest to save his girl.
A dog just wouldn't give a d**n.
A man would show off his smarts, intelligence, and talent to the ladies.
A dog would just want to show off his body like he thinks he's a god cause he can bench some weights.
A man would show & tell that he loves his girl.
A dog would just tell her what she wants to hear so he can just keep her for his pleasures only.
A man would always be honest with his girl.
A dog would just always lie.
A man would only have one girl.
A dog will have a few on the side, or as many as they come.
A man would admits when he is wrong.
A dog would just blame her or just play along.
I am a real Man.
Not a dog.




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