Wassgood. I was named De'Marquez on 5-5-90 but you can call me Q. My family is the best thing in my life. I got a brotha De'shawn 15, and a sista Lexi 15. My mother is my hero. i love her to death. I have a son Elijah whos goin on 3 on december 7th. R.I.P dad. i start as center for our basketball team. and im a running back for football. my son is my life. he is my world. i aint like them other n****s that walk outta they kids lives cuz they aint ready. if u wasnt ready u shoulda never slept wit the girl. i took responsibility for my actions. well i kinda had to..she showed up on my doorstep wit a 1 year old child. me and her aint got nothin tho...i am single. holla at me..

R.I.P. to my n***a Chris 1/12/07.
R.I.P. to my father 8/6/05.




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