Methods To Pass Drug Tests

Many employers, businesses, schools, sports bodies, and workplaces have drug testing programs. The purpose is to find the presence of banned drugs and substances in the body of a suspected person. Depending on the person who has been tested, it can lead to denial of employment, removal from the job, removal from the sports or athletics team, or any other disciplinary action. Some over-the-counter solutions like Test Clear promise to help pass such tests without any problem. Buyers of such products need to know many other things about drug testing.

A drug test involves evaluation of a blood, urine, hair, or saliva sample. It helps detect the presence of certain types of chemicals and substances found in the banned drugs. An employer can perform pre-employment drug test and also have a random drug testing program at the workplace. The latter program helps identify workers who are taking drugs on the job or coming up at the workplace after consuming such substances. Professional athletes, even those ones who are playing at a school or college level, may be required to undergo this type of test.

Individuals held by the police for committing an offense may be asked to undergo drug tests as part of the investigation. A drug test may be required if there is a vehicle or workplace accident caused by human error, leading to property damage, injuries or casualties. Some employers try to avoid on the job accidents by employing only those job applicants who pass the drug tests. It may also be a regular at random program at a workplace. The goal is to put the fear of removal from the job or any other disciplinary action so no one from the team takes restricted drugs.

The drug test is performed because many types of drugs impair a person’s physical ability or improve a person’s physical prowess. The tests help ensure safety, avoid accidents, keep the workplace safe, and disallow any participant of a competition unfair advantage over other competitors. This type of test may even be carried out where there is a reasonable suspicion of drug abuse. Some patients are required to undergo drug tests if their health problem is suspected to be due to drug abuse or even unintentional intake of such a substance.

Except for the patients, these tests can be a problem for healthy individuals. Some people take recreational drugs. Some types of chemicals used in over-the-counter medicines, shampoos and supplements can also give a false positive result. Individuals testing positive can be denied a good opportunity in the job or competition. Such programs are discriminatory against them. It is important for the affected individuals to know how to clear drug tests. Test Clear is one of the many ways such tests can be cleared to the required medical standards.

A person who has been asked to undergo a drug test is advised to provide a list of all prescription medicines, herbal remedies, and drugs being taken in recent times. Supporting documents like a prescription from a doctor can be provided. Use of some decongestants can give a positive reading for amphetamines. If prior information is available about the types of samples that will be collected, the person can avoid testing positive in some ways. Some chemicals found in certain drugs show up only in certain human body elements.

Tests are conducted to detect drugs like cocaine, opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, and phencyclidine, among many others. Some drugs show up only in a urine test but may not show up in the hair sample. At the same time, different types of body samples may be collected to ensure comprehensive and conclusive drug test result. Another fact is that many drugs remain in the body system only for a limited period of time. It can be a few days or weeks. This information can be used to remove suspected chemicals and toxins from the body. The person must stop intake of drugs for the recommended number of days or weeks prior to the test date. There are special shampoos that remove all traces of unwanted chemical contaminants from the hair shafts.

It is important to know the myths surrounding this subject. Drinking lots of water prior to the test may not work because it also leads to dilution of some types of body chemicals that are present in the urine naturally. It can lead to suspicion that the person is trying to game the test. Test Clear can provide the all clear result as promised in certain individuals under certain conditions. The company manufacturing it offers a wide range of products to pass different types of drug tests in different ways.

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