Teen TV Parties Down With "Teen Wolf"

Teen TV Parties Down With "Teen Wolf"

Yes, we’re in Beverly Hills making like a vulture pouncing on hapless TV stars but here at the TCA (TV Critics’ Assn.) MTV cocktail party, they expect that.  We first ran into “Teen Wolf’s” lead gal Crystal Reed who plays Allison.

TeenTV: Okay so Allison is kind of torn and freaked out by Scott. Is she gravitating toward Jackson now?Crystal Reed as Allison Argent in "Teen Wolf" | MTV

Crystal: I just can’t tell you but she finds the good in people and I think that’s why she’s interested in Jackson and Scott is lying to her sooo..

TeenTV: So we will know the whole truth about her family?

Crystal: Oh it will all definitely come out. By the end of the series you will find out who she chooses (hunter or werewolf support).

TeenTV: When do you guys start shooting the new season?

Crystal: I don’t know. I think probably mid-November or so. We need to ask MTV.

TeenTV: What are you hoping Crystal can do in the next season? I know you like doing stunts.

Crystal: Yeah but I’d like her to go a little crazy. I think it would be cool for her to lose her marbles. That would be fun to play. She could go either way. That’s fun as an actress, being someone that you’re not. So I’m like “Make her nuts! Make her go to an insane asylum!”

TeenTV: Whoa girl! Harsh but fun for you to play I’m sure. 

We move on to “Jackson”/Colton Haynes who is standing way too close to the pool. We move him over for safety.

TeenTV: So Jackson got scratched! Where are we with him presently?

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore in "Teen Wolf" | MTVColton: I find out that Scott is a werewolf so I’m now trying to get Scott to give me what he has so I can also become a werewolf. I want the bite. I think I want it because it’s a power issue. Jackson wants to be the most powerful one. Scott is the one and my girlfriend is going after him! Speaking of Scott, there he is…. (Tyler Posey, lookin’ cute in white dress shirt and black jeans, joins us).

TeenTV: Hi! Welcome (hugs). Is Scott adjusting better to his “fate” now?

Tyler: He’s definitely going to mature in the next season. He’s gonna cope with it and deal better.

Colton: I think you’re gonna go bad. You’ll just go bad.

Scott: I don’t think so. I really don’t think so but… hummmm

TeenTV: So, if you are both werewolves, who would be the “alpha” between you two?

Tyler: Probably him. He’s got the bigger mouth. He would eat me faster.

Colton: (punching Tyler on the arm)  I think we’d be rivals if I become a werewolf.  We would continue to be.

Tyler: We have the same taste in girls on the show I guess so that sucks.

TeenTV: What do you both really hope, in the new season, your characters get to do?

Tyler: We’ve done soooo much stuff, not too much left. I want to fly! Not just jump high but fly!

Colton: It would be nice to become part of the supernatural. It would be so fun. I played a werewolf before but I think it would be fun to join the pack and work with Tyler more than I get to. You never know what I might really turn into (raises eyebrows). I’ve been told there has been a hint of what it might be but it will be unexpected. If there are other werewolves, there would be hybrids.Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in "Teen Wolf" | MTV

TeenTV: Ooooo interesting. Are you looking forward to getting on set and hanging out again?

Tyler: Oh yeah. Play Halo, X-Box, eat a lot of food, We bowl.

Colton: We all hang out a bit with the “Vampire Diaries” guys.

TeenTV: We know who the big Alpha wolf is now (Derek’s Uncle Peter)…

Colton: Yeah, but people don’t realize there are more Alphas that they’ve already seen in the show. Also Beta wolves. They keep you guessing.  There will be more hunters coming after the werewolves. Allison wants to be fearless and do what her aunt and dad do. Now Scott’ s in love with a werewolf hunter. Ah, love or death!

TeenTV: We’ll be there to see it all.

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