"Teen Wolf"'s Hot High School Couple!

"Teen Wolf"'s Hot High School Couple!

She was in Bring It On: Fight to the Finish and he was a werewolf on “The Gates” last year. Now, cute, red-haired Holland Roden and handsome Colton Haynes play Lydia and Jackson, the hot jock/queen bee duo to beat in the new wolf-out fest series “Teen Wolf” coming on ABC Family starting June 5.

We’re at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. where we are learning that these two bicker like an old married couple. This is going to be fun! He says his allergies are acting up, he’s wearing his glasses and his eyes are red.  Holland quips “legally blind”. Let’s share some show secrets!

Colton and Holland at our interview. | Lynn BarkerTeenTelevision: You guys play the hot couple at the school. Were you anything like your characters in school?

Holland: He had the cutest little chili bowl cut. I saw a picture.

Colton: It was the worst. I definitely was not Jackson. I was nominated for Prom King my senior year but I went to four different high schools so I think I got the pity vote because I was the new kid and people were like “Nobody’s ever moved to our town before”.  I moved with my sister who is in the military so I moved around a lot but I got to meet so many different people and I like being the new kid. Even if you weren’t cool, you kind of were.

Holland: I was in an all girls’ school for most of my life then an all girls’ summer camp so I didn’t sit in a class with boys until I was sixteen. I very much missed out on the whole “Lydia rules the school and hikes up her skirt” kind of thing and thank God because it was good for my self-esteem and psyche to not grow up in that environment. My dad did pull me out and put me in this massive public school which was co-ed and that’s pretty much how I got into acting because I had no friends. I was not the cool new girl.

Colton: You have friends now.

Holland:  Yeah. I definitely was not any prom queen or anything but that doesn’t define who you are. It gets better guys.

Colton: It gets better after high school. Life is not high school.

TeenTelevision: Were you guyHolland Roden as Lydia in "Teen Wolf" | MTVs into supernatural TV shows or movies?

Colton: Yeah. All I’ve worked on is werewolf shows (he was a werewolf on the short-lived series “The Gates”) so I figure I might as well stick with supernatural the rest of my life.

Holland: I loved the movie Contact when I was growing up and Gattica and I was a massive “Lost” fan.  I was in one episode. I’m excited that we get to be a part of helping people come home from work or school and delve into a fantasy world with this show.

Colton: There are kids at school who just breeze by under the radar and, all of a sudden, after the werewolf bite, Scott (Tyler Posey’s lead character) is better than my character Jackson at lacrosse so I want to dethrone him. I want to know what he has so I can have it as well.

Holland: And Lydia is after whatever is on the top, the best at the moment. I do think that Jackson and Lydia have something real though; the evil duo that has an eye on everybody.

Colton: They’re like the bobbleheads, automatons.

Holland: It’s like old married couple banter between us.

Colton: We float above everybody else and punch them along the way.

Holland: Hopefully it comes across in a comedic way.

Colton: You do get to see the emotion with our characters. In the pilot we’re stereotypes; I’m the mean jock. She’s the queen bee but I like that they are letting all the characters unravel. You love to hate him but it’s heartbreaking what he goes through.

TeenTelevision: Colton, you “wolfed out” on “The Gates” so did you give the new wolf actors any advice?

Colton: No. They were mad that I did that show because I did the pilot for “Teen Wolf” and then got that show and it was cancelled so they want nothing to dColton Haynes at the MTV premiere of "Teen Wolf" | WENNo with my werewolf. (laughs) “If we do what Colton does, we’ll get cancelled”. It was fun doing that but the werewolves are totally different.

TeenTelevision: Tell us something about Jackson that we don’t know.

Colton: He’s adopted so he’s trying to impress the dad he never had. It becomes a really emotional journey for him. And (looking at Holland) we have a rivalry with each other. Whose hair is more perfect? Whose cheekbones are higher? It’s funny.

TeenTelevision: What other surprises?

Holland: There are some people who die by the end of the first season that you would never expect. You’re like “Seriously? They were such a great actor too”.

Colton: Some people start out as humans who might not have been human the whole time. Also, some people could be possessed by certain things. “Teen Wolf” taps into a lot of the werewolf mythology, not just the standard European version. You think someone is a wolf and they could not be. The cliffhangers on this show are amazing.

Holland: There might be she-wolves too.

TeenTelevision: What do you find makes your characters special?

Colton: The think what I like about Jackson is, in school, he’s the shallow character bullying everybody but you get to see another side of him when he isn’t around people where he is completely vulnerable. “I can’t believe this is how my life turned out. This is who I have to try to be when it’s not who I really am?”  That’s how it is for all of us. Sometimes you have to put up fronts. My storyline really taps into a lot of that.

Holland: With Lydia, polarizing good and evil is not something you can do with her. She definitely has a little bit of both and, toward the end of the season there is a particular character she comes in contact with who has tried several times to break her down and has never been able to and finally, he is able to talk to her and get through to her. That means a lot to her.  

TeenTelevision: Holland you have a degree in Women’s Studies from UCLA? How did that come about with the acting?Colton Haynes as Jackson in "Teen Wolf" | MTV

Holland: I do.  I just finished in September. I love science to this day. Biology is a big passion of mine. My dad is a doctor and said you can’t do both (school and acting). It’s a rigorous lifestyle. I said “Watch me”.  I went to school at night and regular college during the day.

Colton: Three weeks before I was going to college I decided to move to L.A. to be an actor and I got hired right away. I don’t know why. I was a model and that got me comfortable in front of the camera.  So no big brain like Holland (they punch and tease each other).

TeenTelevision: What do you both wish they would write for your characters to do?

Holland: A bad-ass girlfight!

Colton: It wish we’d had a little more with me confronting my parents as to why I was adopted. He’s thrown cars and they ignore him and he has to fend for himself.

TeenTelevision: We hear that Jackson gets injured and has to go to some kind of mysterious doctor. What’s with that?

Colton:  It’s one of my favorite scenes and the doctor is actually Tyler Posey’s dad. Something is going on with him. He’s in an hallucinating state. He’s walking around sweating and looking white and sickly for a while. I go to the doctor and find out things that could have happened to me. There is something marked on me that you are like “What is that?!”  It’s a supernatural circus of secrets.

TeenTelevision: Wild!  So what do you two watch on TV?

Holland: I love “Breaking Bad”, “Madmen”. I’m a huge “30 Rock” fan.Colton and Holland at our interview. | Lynn Barker

Colton: I’m a Gleek. I have friends on the show. I like Animal Planet like where the tiger leaves his child and the monkey rescues it. (laughter).

TeenTelevision: What about “Teen Wolf” is different from the other Sci-Fi or horror genre shows?

Colton: Our director Russell has directed a lot of horror movies so he is able to take that and put it on TV to where you are watching a movie for an hour. It’s the lighting, it’s the writing, etc. I think a lot of other shows have the good writing but the look isn’t on par with that. We have the whole package. You are left wondering what will happen next and it’s very intriguing, sexy and edgy.

Holland: They play with a lot of cinematic aspects that you don’t usually see on TV, especially on a teen drama. A supernatural fan will realize that we have all types of werewolves or mutations. No other show has tapped on that yet.

Colton: Our werewolves aren’t the fluffy ones that you want to kiss. Jeff, our writer likes to say that our werewolves are ones you want to lick.

Holland: Second base werewolfism (laughter).

Colton: So vampires are on the outs. It’s all about the werewolves.

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