"Legally Blonde" Twins Tell All

15-year-old Brit-born twins Milly and Becky Rosso are a true Hollywood success story. They had just moved to L.A., caught a taping of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and were discovered in the audience on the spot by the show's Executive Producer! Acting lessons and a recurring gig on the show followed and now you can catch the perky and very pretty blondes starring in Legally Blondes, a more teen-aimed spin-off of the very popular Reese Witherspoon films out on DVD April 28th. In fact, Reese is the producer!

The twins Annie and Izzy in the film are cousins of Reese's famous Elle Woods character and you can see the family resemblance right away. The girls have moved to L.A. with their professor dad and bring their love of all things pink, their wheeling and dealing shopping expertise and general perky, friendly attitude to their new private prep school where they enroll on a partial scholarship. Of course the school is divided by cliques and the scholarship crowd is at the bottom of the heap. The Queen of the Mean Girl posse tries to frame the popular new students. Annie and Izzy must pull off some legal maneuvering and use clever courtroom smarts to prove their innocence and end up ruling the school!

We wanted to learn more about these hot blonde sisters with the cool Brit accents and get the background on their rise to fame, their own personal experiences of being teased by the mean girl and her pals at school, their sense of style, what they hope audiences will enjoy and take away from seeing Legally Blondes and their hopes for their new Disney Channel series!

TeenHollywood: Can you briefly re-tell the story of being discovered in the "Suite Life" audience?

Milly: We had recently moved to California and we were really lucky to get tickets to a live taping of 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' which is open to the public. The warm-up guy asked if anyone was from out of town, and we put our hands up and said we were from England. The executive producer of the show was close by and she saw that we were twins, and she asked us if we would like to audition for a future episode of the show, which was going to be about a twin conference at the Tipton hotel!

TeenHollywood: Wow! That sounds like it was just pre-destined to happen!

Milly: So, we took acting lessons for several months and we auditioned to be on one episode. They liked how we played the characters, so they put us in 7 episodes! After that we were offered the roles in Legally Blondes!

TeenHollywood: Did you two meet Reese Witherspoon? What was that meeting like?

Becky: Yes, we did get to meet Reese Witherspoon before we started filming Legally Blondes! We had lunch with her and she was so nice and chatty. She's always been our favorite actress, so to meet her and for her to be presenting and producing Legally Blondes is such an honor. We were very nervous and excited, but she was so friendly and she made us feel very comfortable.

TeenHollywood: What did you enjoy most about the first two Legally Blonde films?

Milly: We loved the first two Legally Blonde films because they were so funny and girly and they also had a really sweet message! Elle was such a likeable and entertaining character and her Chihuahua Bruiser was so sweet!

TeenHollywood: Adorable doggie! Do you have a CD out yet? Do either of you write songs or play an instrument?

Becky: No, we don't have a CD out yet. We recorded a song for the Legally Blondes DVD and it plays at the end of the movie. It's called "Lucky Girl" and we had a great time recording it! We have also been working with Andre Recke (who has worked with Hilary Duff since Lizzie McGuire) on our demo tapes. We love singing and dancing and we've been taking lots of lessons! We don't actually write our own songs, as whenever we've tried they haven't sounded very good!! We want to learn to play the electric guitar!

TeenHollywood: Each of you: Who is your favorite band or singer?

Becky: My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Gwen Stefani!

Milly: My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Belinda, who's a popular Mexican singer!

TeenHollywood: What is the biggest plus of growing up with five sisters and the biggest minus?

Milly: The biggest plus is that you always have a group of friends around 24/7. We are very close to our sisters so we have fun all the time, even just being at home.. The biggest minus is that you have to shout a lot or no one will hear you as everyone talks at the same time!

TeenHollywood: How are Annie and Izzy from the film different from Jessica and Janice on "Suite Life"?

Becky: Jessica and Janice on "The Suite Life" are very similar characters. They are very giggly and gossipy, and they copy what each other says. Annie and Izzy are a bit more different from each other. Izzy is more confident, athletic, and bolder than Annie, and Izzy's always trying to help Annie be more confident and outgoing. Annie is more sensitive and studious.

TeenHollywood: Are you still appearing on that show?

Milly: We have been told that we will be in the 'Suite Life on Deck', but we don't know which episode yet! We would love it if the ship docked in London, and Jessica and Janice could show Zack and Cody around!

TeenHollywood: That would be a really fun episode! Do either of you think you might make a good lawyer in real life some day? If so, why?

Becky: I don't think we would be very good lawyers in real life! The thought of having to remember so many laws and court cases and be able to refer to them on the spot is a bit too overwhelming!

TeenHollywood: What sort of schools have you attended? Are you home-schooled in the states now? Did you ever observe, in real life, some of the same problems with cliques and snobbery as presented in the film?

Milly: When we were in England we went to state schools (same as public schools here) and before we started the homeschooling program we're doing now, we went to public school in America too. Because we've moved house several times, we've experienced being new at school and having the popular girls hate us, just like Izzy and Annie in the movie. In one school there was a mean popular girl who was so upset when we ran faster than her every week in P.E. and we had better grades than her, that she formed the "I hate Milly and Becky club"!!. Everyone in the class was invited to join except for us!

TeenHollywood: That's horrible!!

Milly: We can laugh at it now, but at the time it was very hurtful. For a while we sat on our own every day at lunch in the cafeteria, and we could hear them whispering about us and laughing at us. Sometimes, no one would talk to us in the whole day! We were especially glad we had each other at that time. We used to get home every day in tears. So we definitely know what it's like to have the popular girl hate us, just like in Legally Blondes.

TeenHollywood: Did you ever have to wear dorky uniforms in school? If so, what did they look like?

Becky: In the state schools where we went, the uniforms are fortunately less fancy than the private schools! We wore a navy cardigan, a white or navy polo shirt and grey skirt or trousers with black or brown flat shoes in the winter, and blue and white checked dresses in the summer. From 12 years old onwards, the uniform is very similar to the one in Legally Blondes, dark blazers, white long sleeved shirt and a tie.

TeenHollywood: Have you ever gotten in trouble in school? If so, what for?

Milly: The only time we have had a detention was for being late several times in the same semester! One of the times we were only 30 seconds late but our teacher said that still counted as late!! We're not the best people at getting out on time, however early we wake up!!

TeenHollywood: Do you two have some kind of cute "move" you do like Izzy and Annie do the "flip and wave" move in the movie?

Milly: No, but maybe we should start using the "flip and wave" and see if we have any success with it like they do! LOL

TeenHollywood: Did one of you ever fall for the other's crush or boyfriend or have a big crush on the same guy? If so what did you do about it?

Becky: We haven't actually started dating yet, but when we do, I think we'll follow the rule that whoever is lucky enough to see the guy first, has priority!

TeenHollywood: Sounds fair. Which of you is the peacemaker and who is the one who argues the most?

Milly: I would say I am more of a peacemaker and Becky likes to be the one who has the last word, however long it takes!!

TeenHollywood: Are any of your other siblings in show biz?

Becky: Our 18-year-old sister Georgina was a Disney Movie Surfer for the UK for a couple of years and also was on an episode of 'The Suite Life'. Once she finishes high school in June, she is going to start going out on auditions for acting roles.

TeenHollywood: The dad in the movie accidentally spills one of his daughter's major secrets. If your dad or mom ever spilled one of your secrets what would you do?

Milly: I know that would never happen, as they have taught us that if someone has trusted you enough to tell you a secret, it is not your secret to spill!.

TeenHollywood: What is your own sense of style? Your favorite designers?

Milly: We love bright, girly, and sporty clothes! We like wearing things that are fashionable, but if something is the height of fashion, but we don't feel comfortable in it or we think it doesn't look nice on us, then we won't buy it. I feel most comfortable in jeans and boots and my favorite color to wear is pink! We don't have the confidence to bargain like Izzy, but by looking through lots of different rails, we do find good things that have been marked down in price. My favourite designers are Matthew Williamson and Chanel, but I can't actually afford to buy any of their clothes! For now, I like to shop at Forever 21, Wet Seal, and H&M as they have very fashionable clothes at good prices.

Becky: I love accessories, especially necklaces and bags! I really like wearing skirts and leggings. I like to shop at the same shops as Milly as well as Topshop.

TeenHollywood: Great suggestions! What fun things did you do off set or between shots with the rest of the cast, especially the cute guy actors?

Becky: We would all eat lunch together at a big table and the boys would have fun making us laugh by telling funny jokes! We took behind the scenes photos with the other cast members, to have as souvenirs. We would also chat and listen to music with them. The whole cast was so friendly and funny and we loved working with them.

TeenHollywood: Did either of you have a "say" in which actors were cast as the two guys you end up with? Did the guys have to audition with you?

Milly: The guys auditioned separately, so we didn't meet them until we started filming, but we thought the casting directors made great choices and we were so happy they were so nice and such good actors. We did audition with Brittany Curran and Chloe Bridges, and we were really happy when they were chosen. They are so funny and great actresses.

TeenHollywood: Are you both equally outgoing or is one of you more shy?

Becky: We're both equally outgoing! In real life we're both a mix of Izzy and Annie because we're studious and responsible like Annie is, at the same time as being sporty and less shy like Izzy.

TeenHollywood: What is next for you both? What can we next see you in?

Milly: We're filming a pilot for Disney Channel this summer! We're keeping our fingers crossed that the pilot gets picked up because it would be amazing if we had our own series! It would be like a dream come true!

TeenHollywood: Cool! Are you thinking sequel or TV series made from Legally Blondes?

Becky: We would love it if the audience likes the DVD and wants us to make a sequel. That would be so cool!

TeenHollywood: What do you feel is the biggest message of Legally Blondes that you hope audiences will get?

Milly: The main message in the movie is that you should never judge a book by its cover. Just because someone is different to you or doesn't have much money, does not mean that you are better than them. It's what kind of person you are that is way more important than how much money you have. You should not be ashamed of who you are.

Becky: The other message in the movie is that girls can be fashionable and girly while at the same time still be responsible and get good grades.

TeenHollywood: Very good points!

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