3 Questions with Sophia Bush at Teen Choice 2008

Presenter Sophia Bush, in a long, gorgeous watered silk flower print dress chatted a bit:

Q: What's the one thing about high school you are glad you don't have to do again?

Sophia: I don't have to stay up all night writing papers anymore but I miss school though.

Q: What do you think is a big issue teens have to face today?

Sophia: There are so many. They attack celebrities on blogs and teenagers are attacking each other on MySpace. There is so much negativity around, especially for young women. They're so competitive. You just hope they'll learn to love themselves for what they are. Embrace yourself. I'd like to see press outlets doing stories on women of all types. We all have different goals, passions and dreams and you need examples.

Q: What could you just not be without?

Sophia: It's difficult when I'm traveling but if I'm going to be gone for a long time, I would never leave home without my dog. I'm away from him for four days and I'm dying to see him.

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