Dushku's Bad Luck With Bags

Actress Eliza Dushku, star of Tru Calling, has taken to buying cheap luggage after having her expensive Louis Vuitton bags stolen twice during her travels in the past year.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star admits she feels like the ultimate thieves' target following her spate of bad luck.

She says, "It was a tough year for my luggage because I've had my luggage stolen twice this year. I went to Miami with a bunch of friends about six months ago and we checked out of the hotel, and they say sometimes people watch you get in your car.

"We stopped to get something to eat for two minutes and we came back and the window was smashed out and all my luggage was gone. So that was a really big bummer because I had been shopping and brought all my cute stuff at South Beach too.

"And then I was robbed and mugged in Seattle. These guys really set me up... like this shady limo company. They took me to this spot off the highway. They were supposed to drive me to Vancouver because my flight was delayed. It was a whole mess. They stole my luggage again. It's really harsh because now I'm like bag lady and I have duty free bags when I'm on the plane."

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