'Friends' May Stay Beyond Ninth Season

NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker has hinted that top-rated TV show "Friends" might remain on the air beyond its upcoming ninth - and presumed final - season.

Critics have suggested that the comedy about six perky, coffee-drinking singles living in New York City had already peaked. But with a popular story line with Rachel giving birth to a child fathered by Ross, "Friends" enjoyed one its most successful years yet and was the most watched show in prime time last season.

The show's strong performance stoked speculation about its fate, a question that came up as Zucker kicked off the network's annual summer press tour, where NBC is showcasing its new Autumn shows for critics.

Asked whether he could say with certainty "Friends" would leave the air, Zucker answered, "I don't want to ever believe that it's absolutely going to be the end. I would say in all candour it's probably the final season of "Friends" I'd be surprised if it weren't. But I wouldn't 100 percent put the nails in the coffin yet."

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