Love Hewitt's Time Is Up

Fox has had enough "Love" for the summer, apparently.

The network has said "See ya" to the Jennifer Love Hewitt weeper "Time of Your Life," though the youth-driven sitcom just returned from a long hiatus, Variety reports. Despite Hewitt's familiar face, the show has been dogged by poor ratings since it originated as a "Party of Five" spinoff last year.

Now both Po5 — which starred Hewitt as Sarah Reeves, the chatterbox girlfriend of Bailey (Scott Wolf) — and Time have been yanked for good. Perhaps this is a sign that building comedies around perky Generation Y-ers is no longer a fail-proof formula.

Though Hewitt's temporarily out of work, we're hoping she's still got a lucrative contract doing those zit cleaner commercials for Neutrogena.

"Time of Your Life" was pulled last season after its initial 10 episodes did miserably with viewers, especially those in the coveted Hewitt demographic, adults 18 to 49. Time averaged a paltry 2.9 million viewers (at the other end of the spectrum, shows like Survivor average 23 million and up). When the series returned this month, it barely managed to register a ratings pulse, still hovering around 3 million watchers.

Fox is apparently maneuvering toward the trendy game-show format; in addition to pulling the plug on Time, it is also delaying the debut of another teen dramedy, "Opposite Sex." The network plans to free up the Wednesday 8 p.m. slot that Sex was to occupy, because that would have pitted it against the monstrous "Survivor."

Instead, Fox will run reality specials like "The World's Most Incredible Animal Rescues 3" and TV Guide's "Truth Behind the Sitcoms," along with airing Tom Cruise's "Jerry Maguire," in order to compete with CBS's tropical behemoth and its new twin, "Big Brother."

"Opposite Sex" will now debut July 17 at 8 p.m.

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